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accounting practice sales


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Buying An Accounting Firm

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Buying a CPA Firm

  Are you are looking to buy a CPA firm? T

Succession Planning for Accountants

When you hear about succession planning, what sort

How to find the right accounting practice to buy.

Finding the right accounting practice to buy has a

Over 20,000 Visitors

The Accounting Practice Exchange launched on 1 Jul

Brokers & FSBO's - 5 Reasons to advertise here

Brokers & FSBO sellers - 5 reasons you should


Can Facebook help you market your practice?

Did you know there are 120,000 registered Facebook users that are CPA's and are aged between 40 and 50?

Did you know that we can get your for sale advertisement in front of.....

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Website Traffic Volumes

Number of visitors to the Accounting Practice Exchange website in the 7 months since its launch (covering the period 1 July 2012 to 31 January 2013).  Source: Google Analytics.

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Where to market your practice

The accounting practice M&A market  is certainly a competitive.  Good practices  in metropolitan areas sell quickly, and it is fair to say demand for good businesses definitely o.....

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Preparing your practice for sale

Pre-sale grooming is the process of identifying weak areas of your practice and proactively resolving these issues in order to attain a higher value for your business when it is sold.

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