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Can Facebook help you market your practice?

Did you know there are 120,000 registered Facebook

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Sellers - 5 reasons you should seriously consider

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Number of visitors to the Accounting Practice Exch

Financing the Acquisition of an Accounting Firm

As a business broker that specializes in the sale

Where to market your practice

The accounting practice M&A market  is ce

A snap shot of the brokered practice market

The following Infographic shows a snap shot of the

Preparing your practice for sale

Pre-sale grooming is the process of identifying we

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Our site is FREE to use.

For SELLERS: It is free to advertise the sale of your practice in our 'Practices For Sale' section.
For BUYERS: It is free to advertise the sale of your practice in our 'Wanted for Purchase/Merger' section.


We also offer paid advertising banners across the site to professionals and businesses that operate within the accounting and tax practice sales market.  Details on these opportunities are below:

The Accounting Practice Exchange website attracts over one thousand visitors a month, the vast majority of whom are searching for information and resources related to the accounting and tax practice M&A market.

State Banner Advertising:

What is the State Banner advertising package?

Our State banner advertising packages ensure your business gets specific exposure to the States that your operate within.


Featured Broker

Top Page Banner

Right Page Banner

Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Nebraska, South Dakota, Alabama

$60 per month

$30 per month

$25 per month

Florida, California, Texas, Georgia

$200 per month

$100 per month

$80 per month


All other States


$100 per month


$50 per month


$35 per month

Two banners are available - one at the top of page, and another on the right side of the page.  In addition each State also has one 'Featured Broker'.

Where exactly do the banners appear with the State package?

With this package your banner will appear in 3 different areas of the site, all specifically related to your State all for the one price listed in the table above.  These pages are:

* Practices for Sale page
* Brokers page
* Practices Wanted for Purchase/Merger page

So for the 'Hawaii State package' the banners would appear on these pages:

*Practices for Sale page - Hawaii
* Brokers page - Hawaii
*Practices Wanted for Purchase/Merger page -Hawaii

So, for example, for just $30 a month I can purchase the top page banner for my State (Hawaii) and my business will gain coverage on the 3 specific pages relating to Hawaii?

Yes, that's correct, if you were to purchase the Hawaii top page banner package you would pay only $30 in total per month, and your banner would appear at the top of the page on the following pages:

*Practices for Sale page - Hawaii
*Brokers page - Hawaii
*Practices Wanted for Purchase/Merger page - Hawaii

I am interested but need help designing a suitable banner?

No problem, we can work with you to create a suitable banner, or alternatively can recommend a very reasonably priced graphic designer who will be able to create a banner for you for a one off fee of $100.

What are the banner sizes?

The top page banner is 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high.
The right page banner is 165 pixels wide by 280 pixels high.

I'm interested and want to hear more?

Then drop an email to with details of the State package you are interested in.


In addition to the State packages we also offer a 'Primary Site Sponsorship' package.

Details on this package are below:

What is the 'Primary Site Sponsorship' opportunity?

Two banners are available on the Home page and all Main Menu pages.Advertisers gain considerable exposure to traffic that enters the site through the home page and other main sections of the site (Find a Broker, Opportunities/Wanted, Practices For Sale pages).For more information on the 'Primary Site Sponsorship' opportunity please email 


Cost per month

Annual Cost (12 months paid in advance)

Top Banner



Right Banner



Email Alerts

Receive email alerts of new listings