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About Us

Information about us and FAQ's:

We believe in complete transparency, and want to ensure you are comfortable using our website.  Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions that we recieve.

1. Who is behind the Accounting Practice Exchange website?

The concept of the Accounting Practice Exchange was developed by Daniel Crowley, CGMA and the website itself is owned and operated by De Mowbray Limited of which Daniel is a director.  Daniel is an associate member of the Chartered Global Management Accountants.  As a qualified accountant he fully understands the importance of confidentiality, professionalism and integrity - key factors that are required when approaching the sale or purchase of a practice.  Other websites that are part of De Mowbray's Limited portfolio include the leading dental practice sales website, the Dental Practice Exchange

View Daniel Crowley's profile on LinkedIn

2. Are you a broker?

No we are not a broker and cannot help you broker or act as an intermediary in the sale of your business.  Our website simply offers a 'classified advertising servce'.  Sellers looking to market the sale of their practice can do so by placing a listing on the site with advertising rates starting at $199.  Unlike other 'general all purpose' business for sale websites we are dedicated exlusively to the accounting, tax and CPA practice markets.

3. How many visitors does the Accounting Practice Exchange receive?

We currently receive approximately 30,000 unique visitors every year, most of whom find us through Google or through carefully places advertisiements in various CPA and tax publications.  We also have a large following on our Facebook and Twitter pages and all sales listings placed on our site are also displayed on these platforms.

4. Is the site secure?

The site is monitored 24/7 by Sucuri a global leader in website security.  More information on Sucuri can be found here.

 5. How confidential is the site?

Information submitted to the site is treated confidentially and with the utmost integrity.  Under no circumstances is information shared with third parties.  We simply can't stress this enough.  More information can be found in our Privacy Policy.

6. Where are you based?

Although the Accounting Practice Exchange is a US facing website we are actually based and incorporated in the UK.  Our company details and registered office can be found below.  With 30,000 US visitors annually and growing, our actual physical location has little impact on your use of the site or your ability to market the sale of your practice on it.  If anything we actually view our physical location as a key strength in maintaining impartiality and ensuring our users confidentiallity.

7. How can we get in touch with you?

Please don't hesitate to give Daniel Crowley at the Accounting Practice Exchange a call between 9am and 5pm GMT Monday to Friday or alternatively drop him a message via email.  The current GMT time can be found by clicking here.  His contact details are below:






 8. What opportunities are there to advertise on your website?

Website advertising revenue accounts for the majority of our revenue and we have a number of opportunties avaialble to advertisers interested in reaching the 30,000+ visitors we recieve a year.  We have advertising packages suitable to all budget levels.  If you are a professional services firm or financial institution interested in connecting with our audience then please get in contact with us to request an advertising pack.

9. I'm a broker and would like to appear on the Accounting Practice Exchange?

All brokers are welcome to use the site, and a number of brokers successfully use the Accouning Practice Exchange to market practices they are selling as well as to get their brand in front of our sites visitors.  Feedback we have had from brokers that have used our site is that the quality of leads we generate is a higher quality than those found from other general 'business listing' websites.

10. I'm a broker and I view your website as competition to my business.  Why should I advertise with you?

We believe that good brokers will always be in demand and exposure on our site can help your business reach the 30,000 + annual visitors it recieves.  Ask yourself this question - "Do you view Bizbuysell, Bizquest or the classified section of your local CPA society website as competitors to your business?"   The Accounting Practice Exchange is no different to these sites and the feedback we receive from brokers that use our site is that the leads it generates are of a significantly higher quality than 'other' general business classified listing sites.  With competitive rates and excellent levels of highly targeted website traffic interested in accounting M&A opportunities, the real question is 'why aren't you advertising with us'?

11. What has the trade press got to say about the Accounting Practice Exchange?

Read what the accounting trade press are saying about the Accounting Practice Exchange.  Please click on the links below for more information.














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