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Unique tax, payroll, bookkeeping business opportunity. For the reasons outlined below our firm would be a great bolt-on addition for a firm looking for growth, reliable recurring revenue, and a nationwide client base. Virtual - Our business is run on off-site servers using Remote Desktop Connection. This means the "office" can be anywhere a team member has a computer. Further, we do not meet clients face-to-face. Rather all communication is conducted via phone and computer. The result of these two factors means our business can be located anywhere without consideration to geography. Niche - our business basically provides all tax, payroll, and bookkeeping services necessary to keep certain S-Corps compliant. We perform this work for a flat monthly fee. We are industry specific. National Client Base - our clients range from Maine to Washington to Hawaii to Florida with most places in-between. Due to our niche service clients seek us out with no concern for geographic distance and with a clear understanding that we will likely never shake hands. Recurring revenue - Firm generates $58,000/month in recurring revenue (growing at ~$800/month). This money is earned when paid. Recurring revenue makes up 84% of total revenue (a very consistent percentage). Margins - with our business you are not "buying a job." Rather, the business could fill every role necessary to complete all the work product and still have profit margins of 25%+. Current owner takes home 40%+. Further, margins are growing. Growth - recurring revenue has been growing by ~1.5%/month for the last 2 years. All growth has come from word of mouth referrals (we spend under 1% revenue on advertising/marketing). Further, we turn away a decent amount of work that does not match exactly what we do. There is much additional growth to be had both from marketing the business and from performing the work that is currently turned away Team - we are a team of 8 (excluding owner). Some team members work from home while the majority work out of an office in Atlanta. All team members are capable and internally motivated. Hope you found this info helpful. We will require proof of funds or proof of financing before we provide details. Valuation note - CPA firms typically sell for .9 to 1.1X revenue. Do the the unique nature of our business we will be looking for a valuation of 1.5X recurring revenue (~84% total revenue) or greater. Even a 1.5X recurring revenue valuation is less than 4X owner take home.