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4603ARNE Arkansas$400,000newAccounting Biz Brokers
4600ARLittle Rock Metro Area$657,000newAccounting Biz Brokers
4589ARCentral Arkansas$220,000newAccounting Biz Brokers
4522ARSW Arkansas$288,000availableAccounting Biz Brokers
4513ARJonesboro Area$775,000availableAccounting Biz Brokers
4391ARNWA$554,000availableAccounting Biz Brokers
4228ARRural NWA$110,000availableAccounting Biz Brokers
4227ARBenton County (Metro NWA)$523,000soldAccounting Biz Brokers
4158ARRural Washington County$220,000availableAccounting Biz Brokers
4106ARLittle Rock$400,000soldAccounting Biz Brokers
4080ARFt Smith$360,000soldAccounting Biz Brokers
3938ARSpringdale$650,000soldAccounting Biz Brokers
3900ARLittle Rock$500,000soldAccounting Biz Brokers
3890ARJonesboro Area$497,000availableAccounting Biz Brokers
3876ARN Little Rock Area$650,000soldAccounting Biz Brokers
3827ARNorth Little Rock Area$550,000availableAccounting Biz Brokers
3823ARMetro Central Arkansas$440,000soldAccounting Biz Brokers
3732ARSW Arkansas$785,000soldAccounting Biz Brokers
3726ARN Little Rock$180,000soldAccounting Biz Brokers
3684ARBenton County, AR$460,000sale pendingAccounting Biz Brokers
3678ARLittle Rock$187,000soldAccounting Biz Brokers
3583ARCentral Arkansas$750,000soldAccounting Biz Brokers
3480ARNE AR Firm $225,000soldAccounting Biz Brokers
3390ARNW AR$618,000soldAccounting Biz Brokers
3326ARSW AR$421,000soldAccounting Biz Brokers
3303ARRural NE Arkansas$290,000soldAccounting Biz Brokers
3301ARLittle Rock$378,000soldAccounting Biz Brokers
3277ARRural NW Arkansas $240,000soldAccounting Biz Brokers
3262ARCentral Arkansas$445,000soldAccounting Biz Brokers
2777ARNWA$205,000soldAccounting Biz Brokers
2722ARCentral Arkansas$1,450,000soldAccounting Biz Brokers
2566ARLittle Rock$950,000soldAccounting Biz Brokers
2366ARLittle Rock$165,000soldAccounting Biz Brokers
2335ARPulaski County$60,000soldAccounting Biz Brokers
2327ARCentral Arkansas$478,000soldAccounting Biz Brokers
1913ARNW Arkansas$940,000soldAccounting Biz Brokers
1855ARNE Arkansas$390,000soldAccounting Biz Brokers
1734ARSouth Arkansas$400,000soldAccounting Biz Brokers
1383ARLittle Rock CPA Firm$175,000soldAccounting Biz Brokers
1210ARHot Spring County$79,000soldAccounting Biz Brokers
1198ARNE Arkansas area CPA Firm$520,000soldAccounting Biz Brokers
1192ARLittle Rock CPA Firm$130,000soldAccounting Biz Brokers
0789ARNorth Central$100,000soldPrivate Sale

ARKANSAS Accounting Brokers

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