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The Accounting Practice Exchange launched on 1 Jul

Brokers & FSBO's - 5 Reasons to advertise here

Brokers & FSBO sellers - 5 reasons you should



Brokers & FSBO's - 5 Reasons to advertise here

Brokers & FSBO sellers - 5 reasons you should seriously consider advertising the sale of your practice on this site:

1. Coverage:
Our site recieves thousands of visits from CPA's and tax professionals looking for purchase or merger opportunities across the Uinted States.  In our first 2 years we have had over 31,000 visits from 20,000 unique visitors!  Since our launch our platform has helped a number of 'For Sale By Owner' practices generate leads that have resulted in the sale of their business.  In fact our site is so successful a number of brokers sadly refuse to work with us.

2. Confidentiality:
You can maintain confidentiality by using a free Gmail account to create your advertisement.  Responses from potential purchasers would then be sent to this account to help you maintain your anonymity.

3. It's inexpensive:
It costs as little as $10 to place an advertisement on the site.  The equivalent advertisement buried deep in the inner pages of your local State CPA Society website is likely to cost you in the region of $50 a month.  What more is there to say!

4. Email Alerts & Social Networking Coverage:
At last count we had over 2,000 potential buyers that had signed up for our email alert service.  When a new advertisement is added to the website we alert these buyers by sending them a quick email advising them to visit our website as a new opportunity has been added.  In addition to this at last count we also had over 625 Twitter followers, many of whom are CPA's and accounting professionals interested in the latest acquisition or merger opportunites.  We tweet to these followers when new listings are added to the site.

5. It's Simple:
Creating an advertisement on the site is simple, and can be done in a couple of minutes.  Below you will find a 2 minute video walkthrough which shows you how easy it is to create an advertisement on our site.  It really is that easy!Below is a 2 minute video walkthough showing you how to create an advertisement on this site: